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SmartTrack RFID

Smart technology solutions for Museums & Art Galleries

About Us

What is Smarttrack?

Smarttrack has developed an RFID solution specifically for museum and gallery collections. Smarttrack combines international museum and gallery conservation and collections expertise with industry-leading RFID integration and application development experience.

The Smarttrack solution, Loca.Fi, enables museums and galleries to achieve full visibility of their collections, streamline and fast-track collection audits and stocktakes, save time and money by quickly and easily finding misplaced items, automatically track the movement of objects and artworks throughout your premises and improve collection preservation through significantly reduced object handling.

The Smarttrack system uses passive UHF Gen 2 RFID technology, compliant with global standard ISO 18000-6C

Who we are

The Smarttrack solution has been developed specifically for museum and gallery collections by the combined knowledge and expertise of staff from International Conservation Services and Ramp.
ICS provides conservation services and collection management consulting to the heritage sector. It is the largest privately-owned conservation business in Australasia, with a staff of up to 30 covering a wide range of disciplines.
Ramp is a technology solutions integrator, exclusively focussed on RFID integration and application development. Ramp has considerable experience in with retail and logistics utilising RFID technology and provides leading-edge software and hardware solutions to a wide range of clients.

Key Features

  • Low cost of tags makes it cost-effective to tag all items in the collection
  • Smarttrack have access to a wide range of RFID labels and tags which we ensure are suited for museum and gallery collections.
  • Line of sight not required to read tags - meaning objects and artworks can have their accession or registration number read whilst still in crates, solander boxes, tubs, wrapping, etc without needing to open the box or handle the objects
  • Hundreds of tags can be read per second
  • Tags can be read from a distance of up to 5m
  • Objects can be tracked automatically as they move in and out of storage areas or other designated zones
  • Handheld and fixed reader solutions available
  • Location data can be integrated into most current collection management systems in real time, providing accurate, up-to-date object location information; or Loca.Fi can be used as a stand-alone web based management and reporting interface.
  • Other machine-readable tags can be used, such as barcodes, active RFID tags, etc.
  • Wireless environmental monitoring is an optional extension to the solution.


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