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SmartTrack RFID

Smart technology solutions for Museums & Art Galleries

Environmental Monitoring

Museums and galleries constantly monitor the environment that artworks are stored, displayed and transported in to ensure they maintain the most suitable conditions for their ongoing preservation. Monitoring includes a range of factors, the most common being:

  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity (rH)
  • Light

Museums and galleries generally rely on their Building Management System (BMS) to monitor the overall levels of temperature and rH in each gallery, but not normally light. Museum staff often carry out their own independent monitoring using dataloggers to confirm the temperature and rH, and undertake regular spot checks for light levels. This may provide more granular and more accurate information than the BMS, but monitoring is normally limited to no more than a few locations within a gallery space. It is known that differing micro-climates exist within gallery spaces; these are caused by, amongst other things, the movement of conditioned air, visitor traffic and direct sunlight. The extent of these variations is poorly understood and rarely assessed other than with occasional spot readings. In addition, the micro climates that exist within showcases, behind tapestries and even within frames and their variation from the gallery environment as a whole is largely unknown. For particularly fragile artworks minor fluctuations in the environmental conditions can have a significant effect. The ability to closely measure the amount of light received by an individual artwork provides vital data for the management of light exposure and assessment of potential fading. Light levels to date have been measured on a one-off spot basis, from which cumulative light exposure is roughly calculated. The new generation of sensors potentially provide a quantum leap in the ability to capture this information much more accurately and efficiently.

Smarttrack has developed low-cost Bluetooth sensors in conjunction with our Locafi cloud reporting software to provide a simple to install solution that enables multiple locations to be continuously monitored for temperature, relative humidity and light. Email alerts can be generated based on user-defined parameters.


BLE Beacon Tags – SHT20  



BLE Beacon Tags – SHT20

  • Sensor beacons with 5 year battery life
  • Temperature, Humidity and accelerometer sensor
  • Optional Light sensor
  • 90dB buzzer
  • Replaceable battery option
  • IP67 Water-resistant
  • Low energy mode
  • Ability to communicate in the non-connected mode
  • Up to 100m range in open air



  • Black or white
  • Dimensions: 42.3mm x42.3mm x 13.4mm
  Reader to provide seamless connection of the Bluetooth tags with the Locafi Cloud monitoring and reporting software


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