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SmartTrack RFID

Smart technology solutions for Museums & Art Galleries

How Does It Work


RFID tags are applied to each item to be tracked. RFID Tags (for both non-metal & metallic items) come in a number of formats including labels and more rugged hard tags.

Labels or tags contain RFID inlays (integrated circuit or chip, with a unique ID encoded to its memory and a small antenna) embedded inside. The labels or tags are applied or fixed directly onto the items to be tracked or carried by people typically on lanyards around their neck.

RFID Readers


RFID readers and antennas are located at certain egress points.
The readers broadcast radio waves via the antennas and the tags attached to objects are powered by this signal to respond with their unique ID. Typically the range of our tags is between 2 - 8m.
Personnel tags are used to identify the people moving the objects through the portal.

Handheld Readers

Handheld readers are used to read tags and update locations, undertake audits and stocktakes or search for missing items. As line of sight is not required to read RFID tags, this is a very useful tool to find missing objects. The handheld readers use the Android operating system, with the Loca.Fi mobile app used to read tags. This provides the user with a well-known and easy to use operating environment.


The data collected by RFID readers is sent to the system software and filtered so that a single “transaction” is created when an item is detected. This will normally reflect a change in location from Area “A” to Area ”B”. The software is also used to audit a location and to present information to the user to inform them of the status of tagged objects in that location.

Additional smarts can be incorporated to provide the following;

  • If the object handlers are required to wear an RFID tag, the system can alert if an object is moved without the required security clearance. Alerts can be sent back to the reader by way of an alarm or LED light or via email or screen alert to security
  • A Touchscreen PC at the read point can be used to allow the handler to confirm the transaction via prior to the change being updated
  • The system can be fully integrated to a Collection Management System to automatically update location changes without manual input.

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