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Otago Museum installs Smarttrack RFID to monitor its collection

New Zealand's Otago Museum is set to become the first museum in Australasia to have all
its collection items audited and tracked using sophisticated RFID technology. [then more and have this info too]
Located in the city of Dunedin and with a focus on culture, nature and science, the Museum
is in the early stages of installing the Smarttrack RFID asset tracking system to monitor its
estimated two million artefacts. The implementation involves attaching a Smarttrack RFID
tag to each collection item. Fixed Smarttrack RFID readers located at various entry and exit
points in the Museum's collection storage areas and at the front of the building will track
collection item movement through the Museum. When a reader detects the signal from a tag,
details regarding the item and its location are automatically updated in the Museum's Vernon
Collection Management System.

(Full story available at Smarttrack-Otago Museum Case Study)

Museums and the Web

28 September 2010 - 02 October 2010News and Events

Museums Australia conference “Interesting Times: New Roles for Collection” to be held in Melbourne 28.09.10 – 2.10.10.  To view the conference themes and program visit http://www.ma2010.com.au/program.asp.  As part of the Keeping up, or leading from the front? New technologies section of the conference the Hurstville City Museum and Gallery will be presenting a paper on their experiences with implementing a pilot of the Smarttrack RFID system

Museums and the Web

17th Biennale of SydneyNews and Events

Smarttrack RFID used to track artworks for the 2010 Sydney Biennale (http://www.biennaleofsydney.com.au/).  International Art Services (http://www.iasdas.com.au/) have used the Smarttrack RFID system to track the numerous crates containing artworks for the Sydney Biennale.  Using Smarttrack’s CS101 Handheld reader and Smarttrack RFID mobile software, the solution helped IAS quickly and easily find any crated artwork from amongst the large number of items.

Smarttrack RFID used to track artworks for the 2010 Sydney Biennale (http://www.biennaleofsydney.com.au/).  International Art Services (http://www.iasdas.com.au/) have used the Smarttrack RFID system to track the numerous crates containing artworks for the Sydney Biennale.  Using Smarttrack’s CS101 Handheld reader and Smarttrack RFID mobile software, the solution helped IAS quickly and easily find any crated artwork from amongst the large number of items.

See the IAS news item at http://www.iasdas.com.au/enews/iasjuly2010.html.

Museums and the Web

Melbourne Arts Centre Arcturus SculptureNews and Events

As part of the redevelopment of the Arts Centre in Melbourne the multi-storey hanging light sculpture Arcturus has been carefully dismantled and put into storage. Each of the 821 pieces that comprise the sculpture have been tagged with Smarttrack RFID tags and stored in 25 large wooden crates.

The work was carried out by Adam Godijn of International Conservation Services. Adam stated that “the tags will prove invaluable for finding individual parts of the sculpture from amongst the 25 crates. Having the tags pre-printed and encoded simplified the huge task of sorting and labelling each of the elements during the dismantling process.”

Vernonsystems Logo

06 October 2009

By integrating with Smarttrack RFID technology, Vernon system users will be able to fast-track collection audits and stock-takes, improve collection preservation through reduced handling, quickly and easily find misplaced items, and automatically track their movement, and have this information automatically updated in the Vernon system.

Vernon Systems is the developer of the Vernon Collection Management System (CMS), a world leading system for museums and art galleries. Vernon is used by more than 150 clients worldwide, with thousands of individual users.

Smarttrack RFID has developed UHF Gen 2 RFID solutions specifically to cater for Art Gallery and Museum collections, using fixed and handheld RFID readers from Convergence Systems Limited, RFID Tags from UPM Raflatac and RFID Printers from Toshiba Tec.

The integration of Smarttrack RFID and Vernon will enable Museums and Art Galleries to achieve fully automated collection tracking whilst retaining all of the location information within their core collection management system, Vernon. A fully integrated system will enable collections to be tracked using either a handheld reader or fixed readers, with all location changes being automatically updated in the Vernon location file for each object. The integration has been designed to cater for working both on-line or off-line, as many organisations have off-site stores or multiple sites that are not connected to the main network.

For most Museums and Galleries managing the movement of collections can be a time-consuming and laborious process, with manual documentation of collection movements often updated in the CMS days or even weeks later. The integration of Vernon and Smarttrack RFID ensures that location information is constantly up to date, and removes the unnecessary burden of manual data entry for location changes. This enables Museums and Galleries to truly achieve full visibility of their collections, thereby considerably reducing their exposure to risk, whilst also vastly improving efficiencies around collection management tasks, and streamlining audits, stock-takes and other tasks.

"We believe that the use of RFID technology through integration with Smarttrack RFID provides significant benefits to our Museum and Gallery clients, whilst providing us with a competitive advantage over other Collection Management System providers" said Paul Rowe, CEO of Vernon Systems.

"The use of RFID technology in Museums and Galleries has the potential to revolutionize the way many of these collections are managed. Many organisations can see the obvious benefits that RFID can provide, but do not want to have to manage an RFID system as well as their CMS. We see the integration with Vernon as a key factor in making the adoption of RFID in Museums and Galleries as straightforward as possible." Doug Rogan, Business Development Manager, Smarttrack RFID

About Smarttrack RFID: Smarttrack RFID develop RFID collection tracking systems specifically for Art Galleries and Museums. For more information see www.smarttrackrfid.com

About Vernon Systems Limited: Vernon Systems Limited is the developer of Vernon CMS, a world leading collections management system for museums and art galleries. For more information see www.vernonsystems.com

Museums and the Web

07 August 2009

Doug Rogan, Smarttrack RFID Business Development Manager, is to deliver a presentation at the 2009 PACA conference about the application of RFID technology to help protect cultural assets and collections. The presentation is titled “Secure, track, audit and preserve collections using RFID Tagging”. The presentation will focus on the application of both passive and active RFID technologies that can be applied to collections to provide a holistic collection security solution.

Click here for more details on the PACA conference.

Museums and the Web

06 August 2009

Smarttrack Express is an out of the box RFID collection tracking solution for Museums and Galleries with smaller collections, or those wanting a cost-effective way to trial RFID collections tracking to see if its right for them. The solution comes packaged with 1,000 tags, one handheld reader and all of the software and manuals required to easily and quickly set up the system within a matter of minutes.

Once the Smarttrack Express solution is installed managers of collections will be able to:
  • Identify objects and artworks whilst still in their box or crate.
  • Update location changes
  • Carry out stock-takes / inventory of large numbers of items in a short space of time
  • Quickly and easily search for misplaced items
  • Carry out an informed trial of RFID technology to assist with future Museum planning.

Click here to download PDF with more detailed information.

Museums and the Web

02 April 2009

Smarttrack RFID director Julian Bickersteth will be attending Museums and the Web 2009 conference from April 14-18, 2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA at at the Hyatt Regency. Anyone wishing to meet up with Julian at the conference to discuss Smarttrack RFID, please don’t hesitate to email contact@smarttrackrfid.com to arrange. For more details on the conference please see I http://www.archimuse.com/conferences/mw.html

Museums Australia

02 April 2009

Smarttrack RFID are a Silver Sponsor of the Museums Australia Conference to be held at Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle, NSW Australia from May 17-20. We will be demonstrating the Smarttrack RFID Solution at our trade booth and all visitors will enter a draw to win a FREE 1 day consulting session anywhere in Australia or NZ. For more information about the Conference please visit the conference website http://www.ma2009.com.au

24 March 2009

Risk Assessment of the Melbourne Cricket Club collections drives RFID tagging technology as a security & collection management tool...

Ramp Logo ICS Logo

18 December 2008

October 2008 Ramp and International Conservation Services announce the launch of Smarttrack.

The Smarttrack RFID solution has been developed specifically for Museum and Gallery collections by the combined knowledge and expertise of staff from International Conservation Services and Ramp.

UPM Logo

18 December 2008News and Events

UPM Raflatac open new RFID Tag factory in Asia. Smarttrack RFID’s tag partners, UPM Raflatac became the first major global tag manufacturer to open a factory in Asia with the recent opening of the new plant in Guangzhou, China. Representatives from Smarttrack were present at the opening. It is expected that the new factory will supply Smarttrack’s tag requirements.

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